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Hillcrest Clinic & Imaging now offers Ultrasound Services as an alternate diagnostic medical imaging technique. Ultrasound, also known as Sonography, is a valuable and seemingly painless tool used to evaluate vessels and organs in the body. Due to its use of sound waves vs. ionizing radiation, it is considered less harmful than more dominant imaging modalities and is generally lower in cost.

We are proud to offer high-quality and cost-effective diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging to our community.

Note: We do NOT offer OB/GYN or Breast Ultrasounds at this time.

Ultrasound Self Pay Pricing

We charge $190.00 per Ultrasound Exam. 

*Price includes reading fee.

For your convenience, call us to make an appointment

Appointments are highly recommended for your convenience, as we only offer Ultrasound services on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you are interested in having an Ultrasound at our facility, please call us at 706.745.8790 (option 2).

Our hours of operation are detailed below